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Materials That We Use

Woodcraft Joinery believes that good reputation is the most powerful engine for the business growth, that is why we pay a  lot of attention to each detail  of manufacture / renovation process.  We would always choose QUALITY rather then lower cost of production.

The quality of the final product starts with the best quality of materials  we use. 


We hand pick all our timber for each project. We use only hardwood as a standard.

The most popular wood that we use include:

  • Sapele
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Iroco
  • Redwood etc.

We can help to choose the most suitable timber for each project.


We use only the best performing double-glazed units to maximize heat retention.

The isolated glass units as option can feature:

  • Extra solar protection
  • Enhanced sound insulation
  • Greater safety & security
  • In-built blinds
  • Fire resistance
  • Self-cleaning
  • Decorative glass etc.

Please check a website of our glass supplier for more information.



All our products come 2 coats primed with anti-stain primer.

We use modern water-based paint for professional spray paint finish of our products.

Product highlights

  • Flexible, durable, micro porous protective film
  • Resistant to bacterial, mould and UV attack
  • You can choose any colour.